Our 6-part promise

Our 6-part promise

At Lambsdon’s, our six part promise is the ethos we work to.

1. We will be polite and courteous to all of our customers, all of the time.

2. We will carry out all work to the highest industry standards.

3. We will use manufacturer approved parts, or parts certified of a matching or higher quality.

4. We will provide our clients with the best possible advice.

5. We will inform clients of any unforeseen problems or extra work required during the servicing of their vehicles, before any additional work is undertaken.

6. We will abide by clients’ views and decisions at all times, always providing that they do not conflict with overriding legal requirements or jeopardise health and safety.

If you feel that we have not lived up to any part of this promise, please share this with a member of our staff or management.